For us it`s  a world of intuition, perception, practise, fastination, imagination, inspiration, passion, happiness, get rid of anger and sadness, fantasy, creativity, hope and it`s a free speech of mind. It`s a moment of focus, reflection, it can be social or critical, structure, chaos, something of nothing, a truth of beauty and love, helps you to find balance, sometimes sadness | happienes at the same time and shows us what truely matters. It can be only for you or erveryone.

So art is unique – it`s a mirror of society, our world and a sense of ourselves. It`s a way to make our dreams come true and is able to change the World.

It`s  a human condition. Its an incredible process and tool to express everything you want – feelings, politics, fear, rebellion, wildness, loneliness, the past, the future, nature, adventures, peace, luck, happiness and Love.  It`s a way of thoughts.

It`s about having fun and good time with your friends!

It`s a way of perspective and interpretation. In general – doesn`t matter what it is! Dive into a world of colours, experiences and explore the way like we see it and help us to make our world a little bit more colorful!


We would like to give you an insight into the world of artists who collaborated with us project-related

Andi Fränzl | DJ Maseo | Dru Blair | Frau Isa | Loomit | Manfred Baumann | Manuel Murel | Martin Krammer | Miss Led | NYCHOS | S.o.S | SOBEKCIS | Vunik | Wald & Schwert |

Andi Fränzl

Andreas Fraenzl | Vienna

Andi Fränzl, is mainly known as leadsinger of vocal groove project Bauchklang (BAUCHKLANG), Dj and curator at St.Pölten art scene – and art community LAMES (LAMES) and Festspielhaus St.Pölten (Café Publik) and more. Fraenzl studied graphic design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and has been working in the art scene for many years.

He designed numerous flyers, posters and record covers. He also created special illustrations, paintings and drawings as well as personal notes and sketches.


Cultural Broadcasting Archive //

Moderation:Gabriele Ebmer

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DJ Maseo

DJ Maseo De la Soul | Brooklyn – NY – USA

Producer / DJ / part-time MC Vincent Mason a.k.a Maseo a.k.a Plug 3 from Brooklyn, NY and is a HipHop legend of De La Soul. Therefore, he was a founding member of HipHop history. 

They helped numerous other important acts in HipHop as they introduced to the world Mos Def, a Tribe Called Quest and were the first major act to work with deceased hiphop icon J-Dilla on a major single. MORE:

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Dru Blair

Dru Blair | USA

Dru Blair grew up in Columbia, S.C. He is photorealist airbrush artist and instructor. While his works are mostly, shirt-, high technology helicopter and airplane paintings, he has also been selected to portray many Star Trek novel covers, as well as such diverse subjects as the well known Budweiser Bullfrogs, and dozens of magazine covers. In 1988 he won the National Airbrush Excellence Award.
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Frau Isa

Frau Isa | Vienna

Frau Isa is working as an artist and illustrator in Vienna, Austria
She loves to paint in many different ways like oil, acrylics, digital-media or graffiti to create canvases, walls and other things into fairy-tales… Her works have a nostalgia touch and are influenced by her life . She is a tough and an optimistic woman and masters her life with her husband Oliver. Beside they have together a small company called WaldundSchwert  for  illustration and graphic design.

She loves Cactuses , Coffee, Vintage Fashion, Flowers, Birds, baking Bread, her super awesome Husband, Salt-Shakers, Teeth, Fred Astaire, Berries, Keys,  Fungi and much more

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Loomit | Munich

Graffiti crossed his life by the age of 14 , meaning fun in the first place, but later on an obsession in painting. Big wall productions became the ultimative media in combining “style”, meaning lettering, with things that are all around him.

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Manuel Murel

Manuel Murel | Vienna

He is an experimental painter, who loves to work with different methods and materials like spray cans, light painting, acryl colors, markers, video mapping, sculptures, relief painting, made out of styrofoam, styrodur as well as wooden and glas lightning objekts. He wants to stimulate people to deal with certain topics, so that`s one cause why he perform and interact mostly in public spaces.

1982 born in vienna

1990-2001 lived in Metz, France

since 2001 artistic creation of walls and graffiti paintings

2002-2010 work as glazier, restoration work mainly in churches

2004-2008 installations of styrofoam – objects in public space, street Art

2006 group exhibition at „Museumsquartier“ „the readable city“,Vienna

2007 exhibition “Exfreedom” with the artist Questionmark at Spot,Vienna

2008 group exhibition for Sioseh #32 addictive,Vienna

2008 group exhibition Inoperable inNü York,New York

since 2010 performance-art with „light painting“ at events and on street

2011 group exhibition for the Chillajam Festival at Loft, Wien

2012 exhibition “brainwash” at Cafe Xeno,Vienna

2012 exhibition “bright feature” at artprojet factory, Vienna

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Martin Krammer

Martin Krammer (*1993) | Vienna

Illustrator and graphic-designer in vienna

graphic-design | corporate design | Papercraft | Popup | Illustration | 3D Design/ visualisation

Specific interests in wimmelbooks, Archaeology, traveling, labyrinths, ornaments

2015 March – August

Tramping through Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Austria

Since 2014

Several Archaeological Excavations in Austria

Since 2014

Several Exhibitions with Illustria on the international book fair „Buchwien“

2013 June Albertina

„Die Graphische Design – Award 2013“, interactive Popup-book-project, tribute to Wolf Harranth

2012– 2013

studied „Graphic and Communication Design“ at „Die Graphische, Master-class“ / vienna

2007– 2012

„Die Graphische“ „Graphic and Communication Design“ finished with matura

MORE ABOUT: Martin Krammer

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Miss Led

Miss Led | UK London

Miss Led aka Joanna Henly is an artist and illustrator based in East London.

She is known for obsessively detailed and lushly rendered pieces across a wide range of media and scale including paper, canvas, murals, installation and digital.

These have earned her recognition including selection for ‘Best of British Illustration’, exhibition in London’s Saatchi Gallery and a client list spanning fashion, consumer and media brands.


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Blending themes of morbid corporeality with the colorful, hyper-loony aesthetic descended from comics and cartoons, Nychos has developed a unique style that performs with powerhouse effect whether on the street or in the gallery.

Raised in a traditional Viennese hunting family, death and dissection were daily business for Nychos. The proximity to animal viscera had a profound effect on him psychologically and visually – he now explores the theme of dissection in his art, pushing it to playful extremes. In Nychos’ world, Spongebob has a skeleton, people live inside rabbits and there is always something wicked underneath. Pumped up on the visual adrenaline of comics, heavy metal and graffiti, Nychos’ work reflects the immense energy and technical focus necessary to produce work on the massive scale he has reached on the streets.

Colliding style and subject matter, Nychos slices up animals and innocent childhood characters with unflinching graphic precision. His work confronts the viewer with wicked insistence, using the shock of cartoon violence as a vehicle for exploring subtler themes of mortality and temporality. Nychos pays homage to these deathless cartoon heroes by peeling them open and giving them human substance. His artwork reflects the psychology of an art scene in which creations are sometimes swept away as soon as created. Nychos also uses subtle imagery such as plastic in an orca’s belly, weaving political commentary seamlessly into his pieces.

Using delicious color-scapes and wild, fuming lines to create his characters – whether with paintbrush or spray can – Nychos works with unmatched dynamism. His command over his tools indicates a work ethic that promises only more staggering output from this artist. Nychos’ paintings and drawings have been exhibited in galleries worldwide, including six solo exhibitions (Turino, Detroit, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Paris) in the past two years alone. These pieces serve as unique compliments to his massive public works that give character to cities all over the world. The artists’ next solo show takes place in Zurich and is going to open in October 2015. A cooperation with Jonathan Levine is planned for 2016. Nychos currently lives and works out of Rabbit Eye Movement, his studio and art space located in Vienna.

2014 by Lauren YoungSmith (updated 2015)


NYCHOS – Facebook

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S.o.S | UK

facilitator, collaborator, muralist, artist, curator, maker, designer

“As I grow as an artist, I’ve become increasingly aware, concerned and motivated surrounding issues of ethics, sustainability and of course the impact on political agendas through my creative practice.”

S.o.S is an emerging multimedia and street artist based in Brighton, UK. After graduating from her first degree in Fashion & Textile design in 1989 from Middlesex University London, she developed a career in Paris as a footwear designer, later evolving her path from consumer product design into marketing and advertising design.  While she was a product designer for Brown Shoe Corp, S.o.S was instrumental in delivering ongoing consumer product design campaigns & themes for “Blue-chip” licensing programs in entertainment such as Disney and Warner Bros.

She is interested in using her conceptual skills and her ability to tune into changes in social trends in order to help change perceptions and create positive social change.  She would like to make art accessible to as many people as possible, including more hard to reach or vulnerable individuals. Through her MA Inclusive Arts Practice at the University of Brighton she specialised in creating art interventions in the street for her final arts research project. After investing hundreds of hours into this genre, she is beginning to understand how the almost simple act of creating a mural, or using spray paint to engage with youth, is a powerful medium to communicate. Street art and graffiti writing as a genre can have a really positive effect on the community by transforming urban spaces which may be traditionally considered neglected because of tagging issues into spaces that the whole community would like to see. Even artwork which is painted over in the street can still do it’s work for a cause via social media, and this is something she had learned through her practice when her Alice against FGM mural’s message was spread on-line when she participated in Femme Fierce 2015.

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Our love for graffiti is what motivates us, what drives our actions, the right choice of colors and the love to details are our goal . Belgrade was the foundation where we started around 2005 and got into graffiti by seeing some pieces and tags around the neighborhood and seeing photos of pieces that our cousin’s friends painted. With Sobekcis as one name we try to illustrate the unity of two brothers – Sobek & Kcis.  Together we’re in Heavy Artillery Crew with our homies Aroe – Gary – Gebes – Jiroe – Ponk – Relay – Rifle -Storm – Taco – Twesh – Mr.Wany and Alert. The crew means a lot to us because it is something that we hold in very high regards, and also, in in a way, being in a crew with so many talented writers helped us to elevate our game by constantly pushing us to reinvent ourselves.

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Vunik | Serbia

He is a 22 year old artist,based in Belgrade,SRB. Currently living in Vienna where he`s finishing his studies at the university of Applied Arts. He has interest both in graffiti letters as well as illustrative characters. In  graffiti he enjoys experimenting with shapes, colours and different renders, so sometimes he doesn’t focus on the sketch that much, but he focus on the effect that surrounds him. As far as his studio work goes, his attention is drawn towards painting natural motives. Mostly warping the shapes in different ways and trying to create some different aesthetics. His style is changing from time to time, so at the moment he would like to call it Contemporary Illustration.

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